What to Do During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Burlington Easy Reader: A Foreigner in New York

Deadline: 22 May You Have to read an easy reader from the Burlington page I asked you to log in last week. Go to A Foreigner in New York to find out what you have to do.

Fifth Week of Coronavirus Breakdown 21st - 24th April

I am sending an email to all of you with the tasks for this week from BBC learning. If you do not get the email, contact me, please.

Fourth Week of Coronavirus Breakdown 14th - 17th April

Dear students,

As the Coronavirus Breakdown is getting longer, I am afraid the oral activity from 23-27 March is now compulsory and is your oral exam for this term. In your video, you can talk about your daily routines, but also about any other thing: Maybe a series you are watching, your feelings these days, how your little brother drives your crazy...

Exam on the 22 of April cancelled

We have decided that there will be no exam. You will be assessed for the work you do while the confinement lasts. This Friday 18th I will publish what you have to do next week.

'You may have a face to face exam if we go back to class before the school year ends.'


Assessment before Easter:

All the writings you have done so far were scored only with gold stars, using the same system as we used in the previous terms. It goes without saying that you need to do all of them if you want to pass the term and that these gold stars have now become extremely important.<be>

That was what we were asked to do by the Department of Education. So far, I am happy with what you are sending, although I still have not received many compositions from the third week.

Assessment after Easter:

From now on, everything you are asked to do will be scored, following the instructions from the Department.

Those of you who already did the oral exam, have no task to do this week.

Third Week of Coronavirus Breakdown 30th March- 3 April

This week, we go back to doing a Selectivitat Exams. Check the link to know what you have to do.

Second Week of Coronavirus Breakdown 23-27 March

First of all, congratulations because your writings are really good! As I have the time, I try to correct them thoroughly.

This situation is going to last longer than expected, so I have thought that it would be a good idea to advance the oral exam. What if you sent me a short video showing what you are doing while secluded at home? Anything would do: A recipe, a push-up routine, origami, taking care of your little brother...

This activity is OPTIONAL, but if you do it you will not have to do the oral exam when we go back to normal.

Remember you still have to complete the Frankenstein booklet if you haven't already!

First week of Coronavirus breakdown 16-20th March

During the Coronavirus crisis, you have to complete the Frankenstein booklet and do some Selectivitat Exams. Check all the links to know what you have to do.

It goes without saying that you can also do the Interactive activities on the Burlington Platform :-)

Be responsible, stay at home and do the homework!