The Client Oral Exam

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Imagine a conversation between Mark and Reggie 10 years after they moved away. They really want to catch up and they have both questions and answers. You need to provide specific details about the past (the book you have read) and link them to present developments that make sense.

  • You work in pairs.
  • In this dialogue, each of you will have a minimum of 7 contributions.
  • Remember that you have to write a script and hand it in on the day of the exam.


The first two questions are compulsory, and you have to choose two more (four in total). Good luck!

  • What are Reggie and Clint doing now?
  • How is Mark doing now? How are Ricky and his mother doing? How did the traumatic experiences that they went through affect them?
  • Have Trumann and Foltrich had a bright future?
  • What has happened to Gronke and Muldanno?
  • What has happened to Judge Roosevelt?
  • What about Doreen?


You mark will take into account:

  • How well you follow task instructions (25%)
  • The quality of your grammar and vocabulary (25%)
  • The details you provide, proving that you've read the book (25%)
  • Pronunciation and fluency (25%)