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Love as seen by an unknown student

what is love?
love is like violent eruption
love is continuous attention
love is the rainbow after the rain
love is the unexpected meeting on the train
love is the swear
love is the pain we share
love is a drop of dew
love is the time I am with you.

How do YOU see love?

How many things can you compare a first kiss to?

Let's try doing this together!

What was your first kiss like?

How does the poet describe his first kiss?

Those are the metaphors the poet Tim Seibles was able to create.

  • About how her mouth felt
  • About how his mouth and heart were before her kiss
  • About what her mouth brought with it
  • About what changed in his brain

How many of them can you catch after watching the video once?

Poem First Kiss

Her mouth
fell into my mouth
like a summer snow, like a
5th season, like a fresh Eden,
like Eden when Eve made God
whimper with the liquid (whimper= soft cry)
tilt of her hips- (To tilt= to (cause to) lean, slant, or incline)
her kiss hurt like that-
I mean, it was as if she’d mixed
the sweat of an angel
with the taste of a tangerine,
I swear, my mouth
had been a helmet forever,
greased with secrets, (Grease = to put grease on)
my mouth a dead-end street, a little bit
lit by teeth—my heart, a clam (Clam= a soft-bodied shellfish with two shells that close tight around it.)
slammed shut at the bottom of a dark,
but her mouth pulled up (Pulled up= to draw or haul toward oneself or itself, in a particular direction, or into a particular position)=:
like a baby-blue Cadillac
packed with canaries driven
by a toucan—I swear
those lips said bright
wings when we kissed, wild
and precise—as if she were
teaching a seahorse to speak—
her mouth so careful, chumming (To chum = to associate with (someone) closely)
the first vowel from my throat
until my brain was a piano
banged loud, hammered like that—
it was like, I swear her tongue
was Saturn’s 7th moon—
hot like that, hot
and cold and circling,
circling, turning me
into a glad planet—
sun on one side, night pouring
her slow hand over the other: one fire
flying the kite of another.
Her kiss, I swear—if the Great
Mother rushed open the moon
like a gift and you were there
to feel your shadow finally
unhooked from your wrist.
That’d be it, but even sweeter—
like a riot of peg-legged priests


on pogo-sticks, up and up,

pogo stick

this way and this, not
falling but on and on
like that, badly behaved
but holy—I swear! That
kiss: both lips utterly committed
to the world like a Peace Corps,
like a free store, forever and always
a new city—no locks, no walls, just
doors—like that, I swear,
like that.
--Tim Seibles--

Metaphors in First Kiss

Her mouth felt like

Before the kiss the poet's mouth was

After the kiss the poet's heart (which was a clam around his mouth) became

What did his brain turn into?

Metaphors in First Kiss

What is your opinion of the poem?