Preparing the Selectivitat Exam

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Tasks to prepare for the Selectivitat exam classes

19/06/20 - Go to Selectividad Exam 1 to do the SEPTEMBER 19th exam. You only have to write the letter, not the essay, but first, read everything related to letters and emails on this page.

22/06/20 - Do the essay task in the September 19th exam. Deadline: Sunday 21st at 5:00 P.M.

26/06/20 -

03/07/2020 - JUNE 2013- PART II- Write an article:

  • Listening: Norwich
  • Writing: "What possible measures, involving the school, parents and kids, could be taken in order to stop bullying at schools? Write an article for your school magazine explaining your ideas and proposals."


Basic Tips - What you need to consider before you start writing

Learning to connect sentences - Making them more complex and interesting


Writing types

Argumentative Essays - Opinion and For and Against Essays

Descriptive Essays - Descriptions of Place and People

Letters and emails, formal and informal



Instructions on how to Write a Report Assessment for Report


A Narrrative: Something Interesting you Did



Strategies to face the Listening exam

    • You will have some time to look at the questions
    • Read as much as you can in that time and underline keywords
    • As you listen for the first time, mark the options that you think are correct
    • Use the second listening to check your answers

Breaking the questions down

Look at each question and try to underline the main words- Those that tell you what the focus of the question is. If you ask me, you should try to identify the words that tell you “who”, “what” and “which thing”. For example- In a question that goes:

  • Why is Raimon writing this handout? I would underline "why" “Raimon” and “writing”.

Breaking the answers down

Do the same thing for the answers- Try to pay attention to the main point of the answer but also to words that make the options different. These words are usually adverbs- As you can see in the example, the sentence is the same and it’s the adverb that tells the options apart.

  • The answers:
    • It’s always green
    • It’s sometimes green
    • It’s often green
    • It’s never green.

Grammar and vocabulary

El millor que podeu fer es revisar els vostres apunts, els llibres de text i els exercicis del Burlington Digital.


Selectivitat Reading 1 - Try this reading from Selectivitat