Plot 1

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Chapter 1: Jean Valjean is an ex-convict who finds a place to stay in the Bishop's house. (Marina)

CHAPTER 2 Valjean repays the Bishop's kindness by stealing his silver. When the police catch him up, the Bishop says the silver was a gift and that Valjean is free to go. This is the one act of kindness that changes Valjean forever. (Julissa)

CHAPTER 3 Fantine is a poor single mother who leaves her small daughter, Cosette, with the Thénardiers in Montfermeil, to look for work in a factory. The Thénardiers make Fantine pay a lot of money to take care of her daughter but spend it all on themselves and mistreat the child.(Khadija)

Chapter 5: Fantine works in a factory to pay the Thénardiers for her daughter, but she is dismissed from the factory. Every month the money they ask for increases, and she cuts her hair and sells her teeth, for her daughter's sake. (Eva)

Chapter 6 (1): Fantine begins to sell her body for money to pay the Thénardiers. One man insults her and throws a snowball at her, which gets her dress wet. The police and Madelaine arrive.(Marina)

CHAPTER 6(2): Fantine accuses Madelaine of firing her from the factory. Javert wants Fantine to go to jail, but the mayor of the city helps her and frees her. (Khadija)