Monsieur et Madame Thénardier

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We are the Thénardiers. We owned an inn. We took care of a girl, Cosette. Her real mother was a poor and stupid young woman who paid us to have her. We did not really love her and used her as a maid. Eponine is our biological daughter, but we do not love her either .We stole the money of the people who comes to our house.

One day, a man called Jean Valjean knocked on our door, and we sold Cosette to him for a lot of money. Inspector Javert appeared just after they left, and put us in jail because it is illegal to sell children. After a few years, we were released and moved to Paris.

We hate Jean Valjean. Now we are poor, and our daughter Eponine, who was a revolutionary, died at a barricade. She was in love with another revolutionary man, Marius, a rich Baron.

Cosette, that girl we took care of, married Marius. We showed up at their wedding, but we left because Marius kicked us out.