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Marius' point of view

I'm Marius. I'm a miserable man because I am a Baron, but I do not want to be rich. I have revolutionary ideas that make me disagree with my grandfather. I want fight for a better world!

The very first time I saw Cosette I fell in love with her. I asked for help to Eponine, who told me where Cossette lived. I visited her, and we spoke and walked around her garden. That become a routine and our love grew stronger and deeper.

One day, Eponine told me that Cosette and her father had left. Then, crying, I run away to the barricades. Eponine saved me from a bullet which hit her. She died in my arms.

There was an explosion and I lost conscience. and Jean Valjean took me to my grandfather's house, where I was healed.

Finally, Cossette and I got married.

My fighting restored my dignity, and Eponine and Valjean saved my life, in spite of Inspector Javert.