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  • WingClips - Good film clips sorted by theme
  • ClassHook - Excerpts from film clips from good movies that discuss topics such as Science, Math, Art, Music, and more. They are good to start a discussion, and you may find material for your TRs.
  • BBC Lingohack - short videos on interesting subjects. It provides a definition for the most difficult words and the transcript. You also have a couple of questions in the end.
  • Wonderful short videos from the Smithsonian - Videos on any subject and any academic level
  • TalkEnglish - Listening to real conversation.
  • ELLLO - Free listening exercises sorted by level, and including quizzes and transcripts
  • ESL lounge - it offers different type of tests (multiple choice, cloze, true/false…etc). They are sorted by level, and include quizzes, transcripts and pdfs.
  • English Club Listen to short, topical audio stories in Easy English.
  • British Council Listening - Audios from the BBC, sorted by level. They include transcripts and exercises
  • TED-ED COURSES - Very good talks on all sort of subject, but only if you are B2 already. No exercises.
  • ESOL courses - carefully designed user-friendly lessons plans based on YouTube videos.
  • ESL VIDEO - Free quizzes, lessons and online conversation classes for English language learners.
  • Breaking News English - You can listen to the same piece of news at different levels and the news can be read at different speeds
  • RANDALL’S ESL CYBER LISTENING LAB - Online English listening comprehension quizzes and activities for ESL and EFL learners you can learn how to pronounce words associated with different topics.
  • Lyrics training - A fun and a different way to approach listening exercises.

I owe the resources in this list to the article 10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams