Jean Valjean

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I'm Jean Valjean. I am a miserable man because I am an ex-convict. I was sent to prison because I stole a loaf of bread to feed my sister's little children, and my attempt to escape from prison increased my sentence to 19 years.

When I left prison I was a desperate and heartless man, but a Bishop helped me and I decided to start a new life. I created a factory, and I became the Mayor of the city. Unfortunately, Inspector Javert was obsessed with me and wanted to send me to prison again.

One day I defended Fantine, a prostitute. Javert wanted to send her to prison. She had sold her body because she was desperate to protect her daughter, Cosette. When Fantine died I adopted Cosette.

We could not live a normal life because of Inspector Javert. We hid in convents for years, but Cosette wanted to live life so we moved to Paris. There, she met a guy, Marius, and they fell in love.

Marius fought in the barricades because he was an idealist, and I saved his life, for Cosette. I told him my past and warned him that he mustn't tell anything to Cosette. I disappeared from their life, but they looked for me and found me. I was very sick in the convent that gave me the opportunity to start again and died in her arms.

I am a miserable man, but I found a bishop, and a wonderful daughter restored my dignity; Them, and Fantine.