Instructions to Write an Argumentative Essay

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You are going to write a for and against essay to answer the question "People shouldn't be able to drive a car until they are 20"

  • Start your article by outlining what you want to discuss,
  • Then, describe the arguments of the people who are in favour and against the topic. You should develop equal attention to both sides.
  • Finally, give your opinion at the end of the article. The final conclusion has to reflect your opinion about the issue.
For against.jpg

Your essay should include

  • A tittle
  • An opening paragraph for your for and against that states the issue
  • one paragraph that presents the arguments for and another with the arguments against, with examples.
  • A closing paragraph where you state your opinion.
  • Make sure that the ideas are connected and the text is well organized. For that purpose. Include a number of (at least three) connectors of contrast (on the other hand / but / however / although / nevertheless / yet / still / even if / even though / in spite of / despite...), and some connectors of addition (Furthermore, similarly, what is more, moreover, additionally...).

[Example and exercises from the BBC]