Instructions on how to write an Opinion Essay

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In an opinion essay, you say what you think about a given topic. It is essential that you give reasons for your opinions. Do not forget that in an opinion essay there are no right or wrong answers!

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You can learn more about opinion essays[here]

TASK: AN OPINION ESSAY The teenage years are the most important years of your life!

What is your opinion about this? Write 100-120 words. Your essay should be structured in three or four paragraphs.

  • First paragraph: Introduce the topic and state your opinion.
  • Middle paragraph(s): Give reasons for your opinion and examples. Each opinion should use a different paragraph.
  • Final paragraph: Summarize your argument and give your conclusions

You have tips on useful language you can use in opinion essays in your textbook

Further instructions:

Use at least four different opinion expressions. You have extra information about connectors here


Extra Help:

Basic Information about essays

basic phrases to justify an opinion in English:

  • because...
  • the reason is...
  • the reason I believe that is...
  • the facts suggest...
  • the evidence shows...

You can justify your opinion more effectively by being more specific. Try some intermediate phrases like these:

  • The first reason I believe this is...
  • The main reason I feel this way is...
  • There are several reasons I believe this. The first is...

When you are not completely certain, you can try one of these more advanced English phrases:

  • I don't have any special reason for believing this. It just seems right to me.
  • I could be wrong as I have no special reason for believing this. I just feel this is right.

When you ARE certain, try one of these phrases:

  • There is a lot of evidence to support my point of view. For example...
  • There are many facts in favor of my opinion. One such fact is...

Assessment criteria for opinion Essay