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We use hyphens

Adjective/adverb + present participle

  • He is a hard-working student
  • Mary is really easy-going

Noun + adj / past participle before a noun

  • A world-famous athlete

Adverb + noun / past participle before the noun

  • She is a really well-liked member of the staff.
  • You can buy water from this coin-operated machine.

Superlative adjective + present participle

  • Mark is our best-performing athlete

We do not use hyphens

when the adverb / noun + past participle adjective comes after the noun

  • The meeting was really well organised.

When a compound phrase starts with an -ly adverb.

  • My friend is greatly valued by my classmates.

Three-word compound adjectives after a noun.

  • That homework is out of date