Grammar differences in formal and informal styles

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Informal Style Formal Style
Use immediate tenses: simple/present
I want to ask about...
I wonder if you can...
Use less immediate tenses: Continuous/past
I am writing to enquire about...
I was wondering if you could...
Use direct statements
I need you to swap this for another one
Use conditional statements
I would be grateful if you could exchange this
Use modals can and will
Can you do this?
Will you come to my party?
Use modals could and would
Could you do this?
Would you come to my party?
Use direct requests and questions
Please phone me
How did you lose my order?
Use less direct request; yes/no questions
Could you please contact me?
Could you explain how you lost my order?
Use contractions
I can't understand it
No contractions
I cannot understand it
Use ellipsis (leaving out words)
The computer I bought yesterday doesn't work
No ellipsis
The computer which I bought yesterday does not work

Can you make these informal sentences formal?

  • I am really happy that we'll see each other next weekend!
  • Can you give some advice on how to improve my English?
  • Congratulations on getting a new job!
  • Hope my suggestions prove useful.
  • Please inform about changes in schedule.
  • Have to tell you about this