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I am Fantine. I'm a miserable woman because the injustices of life made me a prostitute.

I fell in love with a man who left me when he learned that I was pregnant. I had a little girl, her name is Cosette, but I didn’t have enough money to feed her.

I had to leave Cosette at the Théneardier’s inn and look for a job. I found one at the Mayor's factory, but they fired me because they said that I was dishonourable because I had a daughter and no husband. I blamed the Mayor, but it was not his fault.

The Thénardiers were asking me for a lot of money. The barber said that I’d got a beautiful hair, and I sold it to him for ten francs. I also had to sell my teeth. I lost my beauty, but that was not enough. I needed more money. I sold my body. Inspector Javert wanted to put me in prison but the Mayor, Jean Valjant saved me. I died knowing that he would take care of Cosette.

I am a miserable woman but Jean Valjan restored my dignitiy. Him, and my love for Cosette.