Criteria for correction - A Descriptive Essay

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Task achievement Is the composition at least 100 words long?

Are you following the example on page 74 in the textbook?

Are you providing factual information?

Do some of your sentences include historical data and facts?

Is the style formal?

Are useful expressions from page 75 used?

Is the description structured in at least three paragraphs? {| | |- | Coherence and cohesion || Do organization and linking of ideas follow a logical order? |}

Are you using at least three connectors of result?

Does the description have an opening, a body and a closing?

Is there a good use of commas and full stops? {| | |- | Grammar || Range: Variety of grammatical features. |}

Accuracy: Proportion of accurate sentences {| | |- | Vocabulary || Range: Variety of words and expressions used |}

Accuracy: Words used accurately

Relevance: Relevant vocabulary ||