Assessment for a Description of Place

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Are you following the example on page 50 in the textbook?

Are you talking about different places /aspects?

Do some of your sentences include adjectives that allow you to “see” the place?

Is the style formal?

Are useful expressions from page 158 used (It is well known for... / It offers... / It's popular with tourists because... / The views are... / You can see... / it is located... / It has got... / You should not miss... The atmosphere is...)?

Are adjectives from page 158 used (peaceful, beautiful, crowded, quiet, ancient, noisy, colourful)?

Is the description structured in at least three paragraphs?

Do organization and linking of ideas follow a logical order?

Are you using a variety of linking devices?

Does the description have an opening, a body and a closing?

Is there a good use of commas and full stops?