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I'm Cosette. I could have been a miserable woman because I am the daughter of a prostitute and an ex-convict.

When I was three, my mother left me with a family called Thénardier, who was unfair to me. I knew that they asked money to my mother with the excuse that they needed it for me, but they were really spending it on themselves. Then she died.

One day a gentleman appeared at the door of the house, paid the Thénardiers and took me with him. We lived in many houses, and in the end, we stayed in a convent until I turned sixteen. We hid, and I did not know why.

I wanted to see the world, so he took me to Paris. There I met a boy who I fell in love with. His name was Marius, and I married him.

The day of my engagement my father disappeared from my life. I could not understand, until the day when Marius told me that my father was Jean Valjean, an ex-convict. I didn't care, of course, I loved him, and knew he was a good man. Marius and I looked for him and found him, and I could hug him again before he died.

The power of my mother's and Valjean's love saved me and made me a better person, in spite of the Thénardiers.