Assessment in your Selectivitat Writing task

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Your writing is worth 4 marks. You have to do your best to reach the highest possible score. Remember, knowing what the examiners expect from you is essential!

What will your examiners assess in your piece of writing?

  • That you have read task instructions carefully and included all important information.

So, read carefully!

  • That the text has a logical progression

The best way to guarantee that is a plan, including examples and justification in draft.

  • That you have considered who you are addressing

If you know who you are writing for, your text will sound more natural.

  • That you show that you know the characteristics of the type of writing you are writing about

There is plenty of info on that in this wiki.

  • That you have Double-checked
    • Spelling
    • Repetition of vocabulary and structures
    • Any possibilities to improve the text when you re-read it
  • That you have used devices to keep the Reader informed and interested

Examples, justifications, sound argumentation, questions or exclamation marks when appropriate, colourful language...

  • That there are a number of nice ideas
  • That the range of grammar is appropriate
  • That the range of vocabulary is appropriate
  • That you have made sure there was no irrelevant information

Avoid repetition and stating the obvious

  • That you have used a consistent register