Assessment for oral presentations

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Assessment for other Oral Exams

The Client Oral Exam

Assessment for PowerPoint Presentations

Useful tips

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PowerPoint slides

  • Score: 2 points
  • Does it follow the instructions given?
  • Is it well written and with no spelling mistakes?
  • Is it nice and engaging?
  • Have students spent no more than 5 minutes preparing the beamer and the computer?

Vocabulary and grammar range and delivery -

  • Score: 3 points
  • Vocabulary range
  • Grammar Range
  • Body language and communicative competence
  • Are you showing a good integration between the PowerPoint and your presentation?
  • Is the audience understanding?
  • Is there a good coordination between presenters?

Following instructions

  • Score: 3 points
  • Has the video been sent to the teacher before the deadline?
  • Has the mind map been handed to the teacher before the deadline?
  • Are the presentation and the instructions provided clearly related?

Fluency and pronunciation

  • Score: 2 points
  • Are you fluent?
  • Is your pronunciation good?