Assessment for Report

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Task achievement

  • 2,5 points
    • Here your teacher assesses if Have you followed the Conventions of an opinion essay)
  • Does your report have a tittle?
    • (a report can also have sub-headings)
  • Is it at least 100 words long?
  • Do you explain what your report is about in the first paragraph?
  • Are the facts described clear?
  • Does it provide an analysis of what it is describing?
  • Does it involve a final evaluation?
  • Does it include connectors of sequence and purpose and opinion?
  • Is the report structured in at least three paragraphs?

Coherence, cohesion and register

  • 2,5 points
    • It assesses if you manage to write an effective essay, even if there are errors in grammar and vocabulary
  • Does the title make sense?
  • Is the variety of linking devices used efficiently?
  • Does the essay have an opening, a body and a closing paragraph?
  • Is it well organized?
  • Is the style accurate, concise and formal?
  • Is there good use of commas and full stops?
  • Do the facts described and the analysis provided makes sense?


  • 2,5 points
  • Does it show a variety of grammatical features?
  • Is the English accurate?


  • 2,5 points
  • Is the variety of words and expressions used wide?
  • Are words used accurately?
  • Is the vocabulary used relevant?

Peer Feedback

Here you have some things you can say to your classmates when doing peer assessment.