Assessment Criteria for Opinion Essays

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Assessment Criteria for an Opinion Essay

Task achievement

2,5 points (Here we assess whether you are following task instructions or not)

  • Is the essay at least 100 words long?
  • Are you following the example in the textbook?
  • Are you providing different facts and opinions?
  • Have you included opinion expressions?
    • As I see it,
    • in my opinion,
    • there is no doubt that,
    • I think
    • I believe that
    • I agree / disagree that,
    • I feel that
  • Is the essay structured in at least three paragraphs?

Coherence, cohesion and register

2,5 points

(Here is where you prove that you are capable of proving your point, even if there are errors in grammar and vocabulary)

  • Do organization and linking of ideas follow a logical order?
  • Does the first sentence in each paragraph clearly introduce it?
  • Is your opinion clearly stated in the first paragraph?
  • Is the variety of linking devices you are using used efficiently?
  • Does the essay have an opening, a body and a closing paragraph? Is it well organized?
  • Is there good use of commas and full stops?
  • Do you not only state ideas, but develop them as well?


2,5 points

(This score is about the relevance, variety and accuracy of the grammatical features you use.)


2,5 points
(This score is about the relevance, variety and accuracy of the words and expressions you use.)

Peer Feedback

Here you have some things you can say to your classmates when doing peer assessment.