A Foreigner in New York

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Basic information

As you may have guessed already, this is the title of the book you have to read. You can both read and listen to it, and there are some activities you can do at the end of the book

This is the AFTER READING Task that you will have to send me

You will have to answer the following questions using 50 words or more unless the question tells you otherwise.

1. After his visit to New York, do you think Antonio would like to live there? Why / Why not?

2. Antonio sometimes made comparisons between New York and Spain. Which things are similar and which are different?

3. Describe the various things that made the Thanksgiving dinner memorable for Antonio.

5. Explain how the way New Yorkers behave towards famous people is special. Write a short paragraph about this from the point of view of a famous person who lives in the city.

8. Choose one topic and write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 80 words long.

  • Which place or event mentioned in the book do you think represents New York City? State the place and the reasons for your choice.
  • Elaine became one of Antonio’s friends. Write about her, how they met, some of the things they did together and how their relationship developed.
  • New York is a city made up of a diverse population. How did Antonio personally experience this?