A For and Against or an Opinion?

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Do you shop online, or do you like to go to stores? Does the type of product you are looking for making a difference in your decision? Are online stores fair competition for “real” stores? Write an essay in which you discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

Are they asking you to write an opinion or a for an against essay?

See some examples of first paragraphs written by students

Example 1

Nowadays, buying things online is a new and most comfortable way to shop. Since we have these advanced technologies that make life easier for us, doing things that were normal in the past is no longer necessary. For me, the easiest way to buy is online.

Example 2

Previously people rejected the option of buying clothes or any kind of things online, but now many people prefer it. In my opinion, I prefer to go to the shop because I like to touch the clothes materials or feel the quality of the shoes. However, sometimes I am lazy and I resort to buying online.

And now, decide

What do both examples lack?

Which of these paragraphs is better wrapped?

Which of these paragraphs is not a good first paragraph for a for an against essay?