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Hello David, I want to explain to you my summer holidays in Ibiza, but I prefer to talk to you face to face... Ok, that's not a problem, I'll give you a summary. I went to the house of David Guetta and saw him. He is the best dj in the world. I met a beautiful tourist, her name's Susan, she is from UK 🇬🇧. It was a little romance of summer, I saw her in the beach ⛱. She was playing volleyball with her friends. I asked about her phone number and two weeks later, before the end of the summer, we met and she gone me a looooooong kiss. I don't have contact with she at the moment.... But she told me that the next summer her family is going to ibiza. That's a long story this is the reason why I prefer talking to you in person. Please, when you reed this E-mail send me a WhatsApp Hugs 💟